basicly i have many lists of band that i should watch if they have a concert,

sometimes i just think, if iam rich someday i have to watch all of band that i have in my ipod.

and i hope in the further  if i become so rich (amen), these band still stand firmly as one band like first time i heard them.

oke, actually after i search for the image of all the band, one thing come up on my mind 

“oh God i should watch this. watch this and watch this. i must be rich” 

yeah in the end, i just have to be rich to watch of all these bands, in my dream, i always wish i can watch their concert not in my country but i can watch their concert in other country.


So the first band that people must watch is 



Yeah, of course COLDPLAY .

Like many times i hope, Coldplay will come to Indonesia, and many Indonesian really want them to have concert here.

i hear about some rumors why Coldplay doesn’t want to come to Indonesia 😦

But in fact, we only can see their concert from movie, but it’s not totally bad. 

I already watch their movie that show me about their concert in some countries, and it was really make me felt amazing.

there are some song that i wish i can sing live with them in front of me 

The scientist, every teardrop is a waterfall, clock, Viva la vida, paradise, Lost. in my place and the last is Yellow.





I can’t mention Arctic monkeys without think about Alex Turner.

I don’t know how, but i really fall in love with this band, I like how they sing  their love song in manly style, so manly.

and the reason why i must watch this band live is because the vocalist, yeah ALex Turner Y U SO COOL?

and yeah i already have their new album, so many questions in their new album.

Like R U MINE? , Why’d you only call me when you’re high?, do i wanna know ?

i think they many questions on their mind hahaha.

people should check Mad Sounds as their song in their new album “AM”

still be my favourite and always be my favourite : mad sounds.






Two people who make great music. 

i really wondering how is their perfomance if they have concert, actually i don’t yet check their concert in Youtube.

so, i still wondering about their perfomance.

Their music is totally manly.

i like their song, the title is “everlasting light”, for me this song is kind of song to enchant woman.

but still in their music, i like the sound of a guitar that they play.




This is kind of hard decision actually for putting which band that i should put in this blog, because so many band i want to put

but after all, i just want to put two door cinem club as Band that i must watch if they held their concert. 

music that they made is totally fun and cheer pople up.

Like wanna dance all the time while i play their song. Creative, fun, energetic are how i can describe how they make their magic music.

if my mood is in the position “lowest point” so i just put my earphones and play two door cinema club song.

“something good can work” is always be my hero when i feel really bad.






the main reason why me really want to see Iceland is them.

it because Sigur Ros, after i saw their video “heima” that show how Iceland look like.

good combination, iceland plus sigur ros music.

sometimes i just curious, if there is a correlation between environment with music that finally musician make.

this question come up after i see Heima’s video.

Sigur Ros already held their concert once in Indonesia, but unfortunately i couldn’t watch them.

The thing that i really i appriciate from this band is how they show people about their country and about their language.

Most of all their song is made in Icelandic. but still people enjoy their music, enjoy every tone they make. 

calm, peacefull are how i can describe their music, even i can sing their song sigur ros always be favourite band that i want to watch live. 





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