The reason why become lazy is horrible

Who doesnt want to be success ?

basically everyone has their own definition of success.

and for me, success is that simple :

1. success is whenever i want to buy a thing without look at the tag price (yeah..if i like it, i will take it, no need to think twice because it’s too expensive) *it sounds so matrealistic*

2.Success is when i can help people. or . the cheesy word. we call it.  “giving impact”

well, that’s how i put my definition.

but number one will be my priority, because whenever i can afford everything that i want, that’s totally include help people *cheers


the tragically fact that i found out these days.



i even don’t know what to do with myself.

Many things that i must do, but i end up do nothing.

and then back again.

that i want to become success person.

and find this kind of picture, that little bit make me think.

that i have to force myself to achieve everything that i want to achieve especially in this year #thingsshouldaccomplishedbefore2016

so here we go..


and this is what my house look like in the future (it looks so expensive) hahaha.

so this is how i remind myself, that become lazy is horrible thing that affect my future.



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