Everyone must respect people seriously

Like seriously,

Respect the others so serious, put your feet on their shoes.

Some people always told me that we, as human should respect people, understand their ways.

i couldnt more agree. but the problem is THEY DON’T REALLY RESPECT SERIOUSLY.

or the problem is located in how we define respect.

I write this kind of blog, because lately i feel that i am not being respected, for my habit, decision.

I have an habit that maybe for some people it sounds so expensive, so fancy, so wasted-money.

yeah , i have my own “sanctuary”, it is at starbucks only at paragon mall. only in there.

I don’t know from when this kind of fancy,expesive, wasted-money habit came up.

But whenever i feel so alone, i drag my self to there.

first thing first.

i want to bold this kind,

am i so rich so i can afford drink sbux almost everyday?

the answer is totally not~

i always save my money, i manage them for sbux because i know i so enjoy to work in that place.

do i want to look so fancy by hang out in sbux?

iam sorry, the answer is totally not.

The problem is that place is STARBUCKS. coffee shop that closely by high brand.

so when i went there, people like “so fancy, so rich”

“why don’t you just stay at home? you could save your money”

thank you i’ll take your notes.

but honestly, if i can. i will

but this is my habit, i can full put my focus when i put my ass in there,

if people ask me “why”

iam sorry darling, i don’t have any reason except “i enjoy being there alone”.

That’s what i learn, everyone has their habit, decision, that maybe for the others looks and sounds so disgusting, ridicolous, rich, wasted-money.

Some women have habit shopping.

some people will judge them by so materialistic?

How if behind the reason they have that kind of habit because they have a hectic job, that make them so depressed every day, and their cure is shopping ?

can people still call them materialistic?

I don’t think so.

Let’s have a big respecting attitude 🙂

If there’s an habit or decision that people make, and it doesn’t suit your perception it doesn’t mean that people is bad.

Look deep down on their own reason.


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